Comment la technologie et la diaspora sont l’avenir de l’Afrique

Jon Gosier at KWS FORUM

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Jon Gosier addressed the audience during KWS13 at Concordia University in Montréal. His keynotes addressed the benefits of technology in Africa and the diaspora.

He is well known for his implication on Appfrica and Apps4Africa and also HiveColab projects. Jon Gosier believes that the APP is the language the future speaks. It represents an analogy of the jobs that are coming.

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What is really important as an entrepreneur is to identify where that growth is coming from and where to find it. One way to find it is to :

  • Re-invest in what’s working
  • Invest in the future and youth…Where things are heading, and when the opportunity are going to be in ten or fifty years.

For Mister Gosier, the African diaspora is a state of mind which go beyond, ethnicity, race, nationality, the diaspora as it exists, throughout the world people who are connected to Africa. And when we look at the number it seems obvious that the diaspora will have a major role in the future

  • Annually the global social sector spends $200 billion dollars
  • Total Foreign direct investment in Africa was $46 billion in 2011
  • 140 million Africans living outside of Africa commonly referred to as the African Diaspora
  • 44 million Black-Americans in the  USA with spending power of nearly $1 trillion dollars
  • 24 MILLIONS afro-Caribbean $47.4 BILLIONS (combined GDP of Haiti, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago)



Africa is not a place is a state of mind

When we look at remittances sent to Africa annually it’s $62 billion dollars more than foreign direct investment from all nations to the continent. 

To me the Diaspora is Africa’s Treasure that Africa can leverage.

For Jon Gosier the connected Diaspora is Africa 5th estate people who are aware and who are leveraging their power for the ultimate prosperity of the continent.


He shared few projects from African Startups that are interesting:


Interested ressources from his talk :