8 reasons for you to also change the world

8 reasons for you to also change the world

This week, I have had meetings and very fruitful exchanges with actors of social innovation in Quebec. Although my personal journey on the distinction between innovation and creativity is still in progress, I must clarify that I have well advanced on the one hand and that exchanges with the people at INM or with Louis-félix Binette helped me very quickly understand that we are only limited by ourselves and therefore by our own creativity.

However, am I the only person to consider that these concepts are not yet very clear for many of us? Unfortunately yes, social innovation remains to be defined. Two elements show this:

The first is that even the search engines have a difficult time proposing interesting results on a query as precise as ‘social innovations in Quebec « 

The second element is that a lot of people clearly associate innovation with creativity (but I do not know if they make a distinction between these two notions) or raise the question: what is creativity? (See below).

Reason 1 : Provide solutions to the social issues

Youth unemployment, global warming, food crisis, refugee situation, etc. It is clear that the world’s situation is not yet perfect. The truth is that we will never find solutions to all the problems. However these issues have led to an unprecedented level of innovation in which everyone could participate. For example the mobile app « Just Science » has collected data from the last two centuries on the temperature of the planet, to conclude that the earth’s climate is warming. The good news is that, from your smart phone you will now know and be able to take the appropriate measures.

Reason 2: To support other people’s efforts

We must commit ourselves to help solve other people’s problems. During my speech at the KWS 2013 technology forum, I had taken the example of « occupy » as being a protest movement that has been a great success in terms of mobilization.

However the mobilization that I refer to here is not only in the protest but more in the consciousness of the reality or of the challenges faced by others.

In Montreal I love the Equiterre organization, for a very simple reason: their mission is global and affects both the Quebeckers and the entire planet.

In addition, I really appreciate the use of the website in connecting in a certain way, urban dwellers to farmers and other professionals in the primary sector.

just science

Reason 3: Be interested in connected objects

How many objects in 2014 are connected to the internet?  Have you ever asked yourself the question? This number is clearly expressed in the billion and their number is estimated at 18 billion in 2018. It is therefore a future full of opportunities that awaits humans, and here I am not only speaking of Google Glass but for example this Samsung innovation.


Raison 4 : More and more social entrepreneur

I’ll keep this paragraph short. I think that reading the websites of the Skoll Foundation or the center for social innovation in Toronto would help explain this new form of entrepreneurship which touches millions of lives.

Raison 5 : New economic models are emerging

We should be interested in the common good. Tom Shoes, Warby Parker, etc… all of these companies have demonstrated that we can consider new economic alternatives for the common good.

Reason 6 : Technology is relatable

In a famous SXSW conference, Bonin Bough stated that according to him technology quickly mushroomed when manufacturers began to produce tools that were simple and relatable to humans. I talked about this in my last article and I’m still talking about it here because technology’s impact is very strong. Let’s take Bionic for example, such lovely stories …

Reason 7 : Technology allows you to have an impact everywhere

During her intervention at the last KWS, Katleen Felix emphasized the important role of IT in deploying her Zafen platform. That’s just one example.

Reason 8 : Support our association

Associations are made up of brave people we need to support. They contribute by their action to ensure a certain consistency and push us to think for the common good. Our last survey of technology and associations showed that we must support these associations so that they can better use search engines, social networks, and viral marketing techniques for more impact.

I’ve given 8 reasons but there are many more. The last KWS conferences have provided other examples which will be discussed in later articles. If you have any articles or any inspiring ideas, just contact me on facebook or linkedIn.