(FR) Infographie : Innovation sociale a Montreal

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Jerome Normand on the Best ways to use Technologies

This article exists in english only Jérôme Normand, Directeur Général d’Environnement Jeunesse « A Environnement Jeunesse, on utilise la plupart […]


Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This content exists in French only « L’innovation sociale peut faire émerger de nouveaux modèles de pensée et de […]

Mpowerd Luci: Solar energy as an alternative

I stumbled upon the Luci Mpowered project. This is actually a lamp equipped with a rechargeable battery which […]

How social entreprises use technology

Bonin Bough said in one of his conferences, that technology really mushroomed when manufacturers designed simple products that […]

8 reasons for you to also change the world

8 reasons for you to also change the world This week, I have had meetings and very fruitful […]

Challenges that require Social Innovation in Quebec

But where the danger is, also grows the saving power. – Friedrich Hölderlin Insanity: doing the same thing […]

Social Innovation : Is it a fad?

It all started with a questioning that we had last January about the social economy. Stopped by a […]

Nocolas Hazard

What Montréal could learn from Le comptoir de l’innovation

Nicolas HAZARD Chairman, Le Comptoir de l’Innovation & Vice-Chairman, GROUPE SOS will share thoughts on social innovation next […]