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Agricultural land in Central Africa

Africa accounts for 60% or arable land. But what does that mean for each country? We try to […]

A la découverte du Cameroun

My first trip in Africa was in Cameroon : Another tale on our knowledge illusion

Cameroon Here is a little background on myself and why I went to Cameroon. I have lived two […]

Silicon Mountain : Our second encounter with the tech hub of Buea in Cameroon

Early in 2016, our team had their first encounter with the lively eco-system of Buea. Suffice to say […]

ICT and development, the impact of internet in agriculture, healthcare in developing countries

ICT and development, the impact of internet in agriculture, healthcare in developing countries   Transcription Laurent: So I’ll […]

From Montréal to Cameroon, how we discovered our site in the heart of the forest (Part 1)

A Narrative by Romeo Ngaba. Key Concepts Team Reunion Site Discovery Trip Local Realities Montréal – Cameroon Encampment […]

Technology and Agriculture: An efficient solution for global challenges

On December 26, 2016, I spent 03 weeks in Cameroon – a country in Central Africa – to […]

Access to online courses for cameroonians remains a challenge due to internet limitations

INTERNET : A luxury for Cameroonian students In a world where learning is done online, Cameroonians are still struggling […]

Agriculture and technology working model

On 09 June 2016, we organized a workshop to reflect together on the combination of technology and agriculture. […]

From Farm to Fork how to use technology to improve our eating habits

Kongossa Technology partnered recently with the Concordia Greenhouse to organise the 4th edition of KOSSI. “Kongossa on Social […]

How technology is improving people live and the power of the diaspora

Jon Gosier addressed the audience during KWS13 at Concordia University in Montréal. His keynotes emphasized the benefits of technology […]

Learn more on ERIC KAMDEM tremendous work on the ground in Cameroon

 About Eric  Birth: 19/06/1983 in Yaoundé, Cameroun Hometown: Yaoundé Education: Marketing & Commerce graduate from Catholic University of […]

Get to know who is Romeo Ngaba, our COO

Hometown: Montreal, Canada Education: Law, University of Yaoundé II, Cameroon Interests: Reading, Chinese film, Sports, Humans, Personal development, […]

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