L’ancienne Directrice des Analyses de la campagne de Barack Obama sera à Montréal

Amelia Showalter

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Amélia Showalter will close the KWS Forum and the week of technology for Good in Montréal, next October the 3rd at Usine C. She will be giving a keynote on data strategy for digital practitioners with examples from the Obama Campaign. Check the Agenda of the technology for good week 

Amelia Showalter served as Director of Digital Analytics on Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. She led a cutting-edge Digital Analytics team that designed and implemented hundreds of experiments to improve the performance of all types of digital outreach. From long-term experiments for determining ideal email frequency to short-term tests optimizing all visual aspects of the digital program, these experiments led to tens of millions of dollars in added revenue for the campaign. Showalter raised standards for data quality and statistical validity in the Obama campaign’s digital testing process.

Prior to her position at the Obama campaign, Showalter was a political consultant and provided strategic analysis and micro-targeting models to dozens of campaigns and organizations in the progressive political sphere. Showalter served as Director of Media Strategies with Changing Targets Media from 2009-2010, developing innovative television targeting tools for campaigns at the local, Congressional, and statewide levels. In 2011, Showalter became an expert in redistricting analysis, using advanced Monte Carlo simulation techniques to accurately predict Oregon’s legislative outcomes a year and a half in advance of the elections.

Originally from Olympia, Washington, Showalter graduated with honors from Harvard University and later from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a Master’s degree in Public Policy. After the 2012 election, Bloomberg BusinessWeek named Amelia one of the “most eligible hires in techdom.”

She chose to become a solo consultant, with the mission of bringing the Obama campaign’s culture of rigorous testing and analysis to progressive organizations, campaigns, and firms.Past and current clients of Amelia Showalter LLC include EMILY’s List, Organizing for Action, Oregon United for Marriage, Precision Strategies, and Sweetgreen Inc.