We are happy to welcome Joseph Atangana on board


At Kongossa Technology, we aim for a better future using technology and new ideas to empower people in need and unlock rural areas potential. This is a tough mission but it’s not impossible. Thus, to achieve that immense goal, we need talent. Today, I’m delighted to welcome Joseph Atangana a friend of mine on board on this adventure. Joseph will be :

Director, Corporate Governance and Strategic Management, In charge of Planning and Financial Activities


About Joseph Atangana

▪ Born: Yaoundé, Cameroon

▪ Hometown: Montréal

▪ Education: B.B.A International Management, Université du Québec À Montréal, Canada

▪ Interests: culture, new media, lifestyle, risk capital, technology, music

Joseph Atangana


Managed services, data center, cloud security, remote applications, offshore development

Joseph Atangana is an Enterprise Consultant with 8 years of experience working in a multi-vendor service environment, including industry leaders such as IBM Canada and Suncor Energy.

My goal was to understand how Governance cascades into daily operations, with the objective to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Information Systems & Business Services core processes. The leadership I expressed in the closing of IT projects, and the guidance my team provided to corporate clients resulted in a:

  • Wide and timely implementation of new technologies;
  • Mass adoption of new technologies;
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership.

Start-up and Capital Markets: Fast, agile, adaptable, scalable and sustainable

Creative is essential to my work environment. I am stimulated by competitive fields with a strong research component, allowing logical thinking and innovative approaches to challenges. The work we intend to execute cannot be accomplished within the normal limits of daily centralized operations. My goal is now to prospect and bring viable new business opportunities to life.

The constantly changing worlds of investment and the geostrategic nature of business make good use of Joseph’s global perspective and ability to plan long range.

Planning plays an instrumental role in the development of any business. As a strategist, I advise on the activities we should pursue, the ways we should project ourselves on the market, the projects that are worth investing in, and I identify our positioning on global or targeted markets.

As a social innovator, his vision is to create new systems that improve current ways of living in our society. In 2015, he founded Spirican; a venture specialized in the evaluation and planning of Tech Innovations in emerging markets. The group’s engagements include: Risk & Strategy advisory – Project Management – Process Improvement solutions and Human capital. In 2018 he joins the board of AgriTech; a smart city Project in a rural context in Africa. As the head of strategic planning, Joseph intends to assist the startup in a sustainable organizational change and the development of viable initiatives.

National level poverty has now mutated into global inequality. While the Millennial Development Goals (MDGs) were in the context of “rich donors aiding poor recipients”, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be a set of goals applicable to every country. As the next decade unfolds, priorities must change by investing in sectors that are globally important to the next wave, like Agri-foods and renewables.

Africa is now the fastest growing region of the world, demographically and economically, with a huge potential to grow its wealth. The complexity and diversity its cultural landscape often result in an echo-chambers ecosystem, which headlines a non-objective and erroneous reporting of the continent.

There is a need for the private, financial and state institutions to propose sustainable mechanisms and cost effective instruments to diversify the global portfolio, both sectorially, and geographically. But filling that need today comes with the responsibility on the global issues of risk, equality and sustainability. And that is exactly the gap AgriTech intends to close.