What is Kongossa Web Series about?

About KWS Kongossa Web Series (KWS) is a catalyst for change agents. The organisation’s objective is to facilitate the emergence of socioeconomic solutions through technological innovation and the sharing of new ideas. The KWS Forum is a key vehicle for those goals. A conference held annually in September in Montreal, participants gather to gain inspiration from best practices, benefit from the know-how of experts, and propose new solutions to social problems. The event, which is often preceded by related activities in other cities, focuses on themes that are important to KWS, such as: International and scientific cooperation Health, education and sustainable development Personal development and recruitment Scientific and technological research Digital marketing and citizen engagement

KWS’s guiding philosophy is that every economic actor also has a social responsibility, and can have a positive impact on society—whether it’s a business, an individual or other organisation. With this in mind, KWS has organized three major conferences in three years that focus on technology and socioeconomic development. The organisation also makes a significant contribution to technology adoption in Central Africa through an innovation centre that promotes scientific excellence and computer science among youth and women. The KWS Story It all began when the future co-founders of KWS, Franck NLEMBA and Ingrid BIWOLE, migrated from Africa to Europe to study and embark on careers. Only when they left home did they realize how many more opportunities were available to youth in the West than those accessible to young people in Cameroon, their country of origin.



Moreover, they were convinced that technology had the potential to help their fellow citizens address challenges spawned by significant social and cultural transformations. So, in June of 2010, the duo created Africa Link, a non-profit whose goal at the time was to help youth in developing countries understand the Internet and benefit from it.

  • Video of a tech entrepreneur in Cameroon : Churchill Mambe from njorku.com 


  • Audience listing to a tech session in Yaounde




Africa Link enjoyed enormous success over the next two years, but the cofounders were increasingly aware of the globalization of social and economic challenges. That realization led them to reposition their efforts on a worldwide scale, with the broader mission of effecting positive change across the globe. They rechristened their non-profit Kongossa Technology and launched the Kongossa Web Series.

The first edition of the KWS Forum in montreal took place in 2013, featuring several guest : Jon Gosier, Kathleen Felix, Laurent Elder, etc

From that 2 days events where technology meets social needs or challenges, Franck NLEMBA initiated the Tech4Good Week in Montreal bringing together more than 30 different organizations from the tech world and the social world. The first edition took place in Montréal in October 2014 featuring world class speakers and local speakers such as : Amelia Showalter, Peter Chase, Cynthia Mcmurry, Nancy Neamtan, Find the recap here

KWS Montreal


The team is now working on a digital Lab and is preparing several other events in Africa and North America