FRANCK NLEMBA Founder KONGOSSA TECHNOLOGIE About Franck Born: Douala, Cameroon Hometown: Montréal Education : MSc Marketing Digital, Université Toulouse 1, France Interests : Démographie, Psychologie, Histoire de la technologie, futur de l’humanité, sport Speaking Engagement: if you’d like to have me speak at a conference, meeting or event, please drop me a line via email (franck dot nlemba at kongossa dot net) Auto-Biography Franck Nlemba is the founder of Kongossa Technology a non-profit organization that promotes the use of technology to solve social issues worldwide. Franck is also the Director of Brand Content Strategies for Armstrong (Baobaz group). As a Digital marketing specialist, he was involved in about 40 E-commerce projects for brands operating on the European, American and Canadian markets. In 2010, Franck and Ingrid founded Kongossa Technology to promote the use of technology as a tool for solving social challenges. You can chat with Frank on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Slideshare, Foursquare, Quora and on its website. I found myself first introduced to the business world through my mother. My mother, in her business ventures managed to accumulate wealth by means of trade. This is what initially sparked my interests in business. I was drawn to everything from the exceptional opportunities for upward mobility and the countless opportunities to foster strong and long-lasting business relationships. My sweeping interest in business, eventually led me to pursue marketing and digital marketing studies at the University of Toulouse, where I currently teach graduate students as a visiting professor of Continuing Education in Marketing. My first encounter with the World Wide Web was delayed. I wanted to learn strategic marketing and settle into being a Project Manager; but in 2007 after a stint at RFI during the rugby World Cup in France, I was in charge of a digital project that changed my vision of the future and pushed me into the digital field. As a digital marketing consultant and expert in search engines, in 2010, I took the initiative to invest most of my spare time, if not all of my savings, into empowering youths living in developing countries through method of technology. What’s up with the white shirt? The complexities of relationships are endless. At times suspicion and wariness of others turns what otherwise could be fruitful opportunities into wasted ones. This is why I wear a white shirt in general during my public interventions to show my openness and my willingness to meet each other. Franck-nlemba What I love the most with the Kongossa adventure Let it Be We have successfully launched our new ideas in a context that is not necessarily favorable in Africa. It should be noted that the African continent continues despite economic progress to face much greater difficulties than having a computer. However, the dynamism of African youth and extreme curiosity portend a powerful future full of opportunities as Peter Diamandis or Google’s presence in Africa said. Work with other people and organizations In Africa and even here in Quebec and Canada, we often collaborate with other organizations that have the same goal as us caitlin Bergin USA Consulate Sharing Everywhere we go we help others to change their view of technology, gain confidence, understand that they can be their own change. denis-bastien, idénergie Learn All speakers have often given freely of their time, passion and presence to advance the idea that technology is a powerful tool of solving social challenges. Fred-harper

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