Social Economy and Technology, an awesone match for the future of Quebec

Social Economy in Quebec by Numbers – 7000 collective companies employ more than 150K people – About 7 […]

From Farm to fork : how to use technology to improve the way we eat?

During a panel on food industry issues, Kongossa Technology has invited Catherine Lefebvre, Cathrin Rintoul and Jean-François Auchambault […]

Social entreprises as a tool to fight poverty and exclusion worldwide

During the last KWS FORUM, we’ve invited Romain Buquet from Groupe SOS to share his opinion on how social enterprises can become […]

Open innovation and Living Lab explained by Patrick Dube

Since 2010, the SAT has been approved and is working on several project of social innovation living lab. […]

Technology for change : How to use technology to improve governance

Technology, as a tool for positive change – Marietta Fall Marieta Fall talks about a program which is situated within […]

How to increase the impact of our ideas – Creativity

Eric Bourget gives some advice and tricks on how to increase the impact of ideas. During his intervention in […]

What is Kongossa Web Series about?

About KWS Kongossa Web Series (KWS) is a catalyst for change agents. The organisation’s objective is to facilitate […]

How Amelia Showalter helped Obama Campaign to raise over 690 Million dollars online in 2012

 Amelia Showalter will bring the week of Technolgy and Social Innovation event to a close, sharing her Sientific Vision […]

Technology for Non Profit Organisations

Technology and Social Innovation Week – Day 2: Technology for Non Profit Organisations The 3rd consecutive day of the Technology […]

Life after a Hackathons

The Technology and Social Innovation week was brilliantly kickstarted today with the conference LIFE AFTER A HACKATON that took […]

Design-Thinking Workshop official recap

By Katrina Albert Day two of the Technology and Social Innovation week consisted of an insightful and complex […]

Nadim Kobeissi wants to enhance Cryptocat for the happiness and safety of all

Last week I had the chance to meet Nadim Kobeissi, the brilliant programmer of Montreal, founder of the […]

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