Technology and Agriculture: An efficient solution for global challenges

On December 26, 2016, I spent 03 weeks in Cameroon – a country in Central Africa – to […]

Agriculture and technology working model

On 09 June 2016, we organized a workshop to reflect together on the combination of technology and agriculture. […]

Open innovation and Living Lab explained by Patrick Dube

Since 2010, the SAT has been approved and is working on several project of social innovation living lab. […]

How to increase the impact of our ideas – Creativity

Eric Bourget gives some advice and tricks on how to increase the impact of ideas. During his intervention in […]

Design-Thinking Workshop official recap

By Katrina Albert Day two of the Technology and Social Innovation week consisted of an insightful and complex […]

How design thinking affects technology?

During the last technology for good week, Kongossa Technology and two Design Thinking experts (André Fortin and Juliana […]

Design Thinking workshop on : Leveraging Technology for social innovation

André Fortin, probably one of the best Expert in Design Thinking of Montréal, is going to host a […]

How Design thinking transforms education and inspires innovation

Interview with André Fortin, a psychologist and an expert in Design Thinking. André held a design thinking workshop […]