Nadim Kobeissi wants to enhance Cryptocat for the happiness and safety of all


Last week I had the chance to meet Nadim Kobeissi, the brilliant programmer of Montreal, founder of the platform encrypted messaging Cryptocat. This platform has nearly 200,000 active users and allows users to have encrypted conversations. Indeed, with the many threats and debates about privacy, Cryptocat is a very good open source free software, compatible with several browsers and it’s available on Iphone.


What impressed me during my exchange with Nadim is his vision of the positive role of technology and especially the impact that programmers like him can have in society. Nadim who has already committed to support the next KWS14 at Usine C in Montreal, is currently seeking funding to develop Cryptocat.

According to informations available on its Kickstarter campaign, Nadim Kobeissi wants to develop an Android application, optimizing its iPhone app for the iPad and add voice and video to text. At the time we are writing this article, the campaign unfortunately struggled to take off; For which reasons? Maybe, Cryptocat might change its logo and humanize its homepage?


Difficult to say but I admit that the public does not yet understand the usefulness or so, is not very sensitive to the use of this kind of software. It must be recognized that in a crowded world of chats services (Skype, Whatsapp, Gtalk, Facebook messenger, Facetime, etc.) it is difficult to convey this message.

In any case, Nadim We support this campaign and hope it will go through.