Montréal’s social innovation leadership was represented during the KWS14

Last October 2nd at the majestic hall of the BAnQ atrium, the Kongossa Technologie nonprofit, invited the Montreal social innovation and social economy leaders to a cocktail. The main goal was to present to the group of foreign speakers (who mostly came from the US), the basic orientations that our leaders will take in the field of social innovation.


Shortly before the start of the ceremony, we had the honor of welcoming the chairman of Montreal city council, Mr. Frantz Benjamin, whose presence was welcomed by the young and diverse Kongossa Technologie team and by all guests present. The goal of the Technology and Social Innovation Week is to make Montreal world renowned for its innovation and leadership in addressing global challenges. Such an approach could not succeed without the support of the city authorities.

frantz benjamin - steve boussiki talk

The ceremony took place in two main highlights: Firstly, the founders of Kongossa Technologie, presented the origins of the organization and its mission. Franck NLEMBA and Ingrid Biwole recalled that Kongossa Technology is an organization launched in Africa in 2010 and is firmly focused on solving the major challenges facing the planet. They particularly emphasized the major role that Montrealers must play and how they could contribute internationally.

The second highlight was the testimony of one of the pioneers in the use of technology for the common good in Montreal: Mr Michael Lenczner, CEO of AJAH, a company that helps nonprofit organizations better organize their search for grants by providing statistics and updated figures on donations.

Michael Lenczner , CEO AJAH

Michael presented his background and experience as well as the objectives of the company . He also urged the social innovation authorities to give a maximum support to initiatives such as ours and young entrepreneurs such as “Espace Temps”. The ceremony ended as is customary in Montreal by a networking event where you could meet personalities from the “Chantier de l’économie sociale”, CESIM, Consulate General of the USA, “le comptoir de l’innovation”, etc.