How mobile technology can be applied to empower citizens: the World bank institute advises Montréal

Across the globe citizens are demanding accountability and transparency from their governments. Access to information and technology through mobile phones and social media are multiplying opportunities for citizens to provide feedback—transforming the way we do development.

The World Bank Institute (WBI) supports the World Bank’s operational work and its country clients in this rapidly changing landscape by forging new dynamic approaches to capacity development.

Mariéta Fall, Operations Officer, Digital Engagement Program – World Bank


Mariéta Fall designs and helps implement social accountability interventions in World Bank programs in developing countries. Through her work with the Governance and Innovation Practice at the World Bank, she looks specifically at how ICTs and mobile technology in particular can be applied to empower citizens to demand better governance, and supports the integration of ICT-enabled approaches in Bank operations.

Prior to joining the Digital Engagement team, she worked on a number of Bank projects associated with the governance program in Africa and Haiti with a focus on implementing participatory governance diagnostics and follow-up programs. She is leveraging that background to explore how technologies can be utilized as more effective and complementary tools of citizen engagement. Mariéta completed a Masters in Development Economics and International Political Economy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and also holds a certificate in International Development with a specialization in political and social change.