How Amelia Showalter helped Obama Campaign to raise over 690 Million dollars online in 2012

It is with much pride that Kongossa Technology will be presenting Ms Amelia Showalter on the 3rd of October. This BIG DATA expert was the director of the Digital Agenda during President Barack Obama’s last campaign.

Ms Showalter will bring the week of Technology and Social Innovation event (which takes place 29th to 3rd October 2014) to a close – she will be presenting a conference which will lift the veil on her scientific vision of the Digital Agenda and how this could apply to any campaign or organisation.

Her rigorous approach and sense of innovation propelled President Obama’s Digital Agenda to great heights : over 690 Million dollars raised online alone in 2012. ‘’Join me for dinner? ‘’, ‘’It’s officially over.’’ or ‘’Wow.’’ are just some of the email titles which were sent out to millions of Americans day after day. The key to success? Testing many versions of the email, switching the title, the format or the donation requested. The results speak for themselves­ for the same message­ the best version of the email raised 2.6 Million dollars-for the weakest, only 400,000 dollars.

This conference is aimed at decision makers and opinion leaders from small, medium and large companies­ at experts and digital marketers, at entrepreneurs and charitable organisations, and many more – who are looking for ways to learn and take action based on the lessons learnt by Ms Showalter during her tenure, and to apply them to their own Digital Agenda or fund raising campaign.

About the week of technology and social innovation

The week of technology and social innovation will offer a rich program of workshops and conferences led by experts, which will allow participants to to discover the positif impact world technologies can have, and a wide variety of solutions to problems faced in the digital age.

About Kongossa Technology

Founded in 2010, Kongossa Technology is a charitable organisation. It’s aim is to encourage discussion and information sharing about the important rôles of technology and innovation in discovering solutions to the principle socio­economic problems being faced by our society. Kongossa is attempting to increase the awareness among social innovators and agents of change of the potential benefits to be gained from the efficient use of innovation technologies. Kongossa Technology organises a series of events, following a methodology based on three pillars­ pedagogy, the mobilisation and development of tools and protocols.


When : Week of technology and social innovation – KWS Forum

When : 29th September to 3rd October 2014

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