Crowdfunding for Science and Research Projects

This Crowdfunding platform is different by enabling you to get in on the research game

RocketHub is an online platform that balances typical/questionable business ideas with more high-minded pursuits. CEO Brian Meece wants science to be funded by people. He presents RocketHub as a movement to transform science and crowdfunding as a tool that can do more than supporting vanity projects.

Rockethub comes to solve a serious issue. In order to get funded scientists used to submit projects to governments, foundations, or even companies. We all know that sometimes research might change the focus of their projects or even stop it for financial reasons.


In oder to enables more people to join the platform, Rockethub provide visitors with a training program names “success school” with tips on to do you succeed on crowdfunding.

You can find examples of projects that are looking for your support on the featured section of their homepage