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Research and studies on the development of startups in Africa. Designing the smart village project – Launch of the smart city project in a rural context in Africa


Technology and Social Innovation Week: It’s an event that was held in Montreal , and which is dedicated to innovation and digital solidarity. In order to raise awareness on the positive impact of technology in the world, many activities were organized; to enable participants to discover the latest social innovations and the positive impact of their implementation.


January 2013 : Organisation of the second forum Kongossa Web Series ( KWS) in Yaoundé, Cameroon , in collaboration with « Oser l’Afrique ». This meeting has mobilized the best projects of social and technological entrepreneurs in Cameroon. > October 2013: organization of the first KWS Forum in Montreal in collaboration with Concordia University. These two -day event brought together the diaspora, students, entrepreneurs and local actors to reflect the latest trends in technology and social and economic development.


Digital marketing internships : We connected young entrepreneurs and students from Cameroon to french startups for a 6 months training program in social media and content outreach.


The organization of the first Kongossa Web Series Forum, dedicated to students and African entrepreneurs. Several lectures , discussions and debates were organized on topics related to job creations in the digital industry. KWS philosophy is that nowadays everyone can have an impact. In 3 years KWS has organized three major conferences on technology and social innovation and a week of activities in Montreal.

KWS in few points

"Technology as we see it doesn't have frontiers, nations, nor races."


The first benefit of any action is the people of all countries, all races, all religions


Positively transforming our environment through new technologies


Creating new solutions to existing and future challenges

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