Get to know who is Romeo Ngaba, our COO

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Education: Law, University of Yaoundé II, Cameroon

Interests: Reading, Chinese film, Sports, Humans, Personal development, Success stories, Zen, Anthropology

Life Philosophy: Find beauty and silence in every sound.

Roméo Ngaba

Born March 27, 1982 in Yaoundé, Romeo Ngaba has always been an active kid. At the age of 14 he formed his first project “Edifice”, which aimed to collect clothing from wealthy families in order to redistribute them to street kids. At 18 years old, he launches an underground hip hop music label, bringing together 23 artists. This will last 2 years, in which an album will be recorded.

At 22 he took a year to engage in the exploitation and export of wood. This experience, which was rewarding in more ways than one, is also the main reason for his decision to work in contact with nature, with it rather than against it. At 23, he created with a friend the association “Boulevard des Jeunes” which aims to educate young people in environmental protection. It will produce also a board game called “Be Clean”.

Three years later he founded a private fashion store “Cose” whose characteristic is to offer a specific number of demanding customers, a personalized service and on time. At 28 he is the co-founder of “Done Care”, an international concierge agency. Upon his arrival in Canada, his vision changed. And without neglecting the contribution of all his past experiences and activities, he decided to focus on a single project to be able to share his experience and to change the world as he always wanted.

Thus, after a reunion with his old friend Franck Nlemba, topped with endless and fruitful discussions, he will embark with him on the adventure Agritech, which began in mid-2015.

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