How to increase the impact of our ideas – Creativity

Eric Bourget gives some advice and tricks on how to increase the impact of ideas. During his intervention in the forum KWS, Eric Bourget wanted to answer to the question: how to make our idea grow up? Indeed today, the workshops on creativity and the practice of the brainstorming are common but what is the point of learning how to have new ideas if you don’t know what to do with them?

Through his experience, Eric noticed that generally, there are many ideas on the table but the problem is what to do with all of them. He calls it “The sad cycle of new ideas

we generate a new idea, we are motivated for its implementation; then we are confronted with red-tap, then we put this idea in a tablet to finally give up.

According to Eric, ideas that finally succeed are the one that doesn’t get involved with any part of organization.

conférence de Eric Bourget sur la créativité lors du forum KWS


Something complicate is different from something which is complex. What is complicated we just need a good expertise to realize it (unsettle and settle a Ferrari). Something which is complex is independent from the analysis. The solution to solve a complex problem seems to be the experiment. To solve difficult issues we need analysis, but for a complex idea to be accepted by a group or an organization, it’s necessary to test it ourselves.


Eric explained that before going to negotiate with someone powerful , it’s necessary to firstly be aware of the power that we have in our hands, so we can easily transmit our innovative ideas.


Eric suggested to lean on elements below

1-Arrived with pre-validated ideas

Be prepared as well. It’s necessary to be the most informed, the person who made most researched, who spent most time with the users.

The idea only is weak.

2-Check the context

In his experience, Eric set up a lab in Montreal’s organization to check better the context. E.g we can express ourselves and behave as we like even if the organization doesn’t allow it.

Another way to check the context inside a big organization will be to say that we are a start-up inside the company lead on a multidisciplinary team.

3- Ask the permission only in a last resort

For this last point it’s necessary to have a good network


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