Mpowerd Luci: Solar energy as an alternative

I stumbled upon the Luci Mpowered project. This is actually a lamp equipped with a rechargeable battery which allows people to conserve light during crisis situations or just every day.

You may not know this but many countries or regions of the world still lack electricity. It is very common, notably in Africa to experience power cuts, even in urban centers.

LUCI, the inflatable solar light

This is situation is not conducive to studying, working, in short development.  For these reasons, I find that Mpowered Luci provides a real solution. Luci is sold at an affordable price, it’s environmentally friendly and as i said above, this type of project has a real social impact. This impact is also presented on their website:

  • 30% energy saving
  • Luci could help 90 million children in sub-Saharan Africa who lack electricity
  • Luci could allow children to study longer (up to 3H more each day)