Open Governance and smart cities : What can we expect in the coming months?

When talking about smart cities and their implications in Montreal, it seems legitimate to invite one of the best experts in Digital Governance to speak on the subject.

This Panel on the Smart City and Digital Governance will be held in French, next October 3rd during the KWS Technology Forum.

M. JEAN-FRANÇOIS GAUTHIER is a strategic advisor with over 25 years experience. Jean-François, the government relations expert; has devoted himself in recent years to open government methods and « smart » community strategies. In early 2012 he founded with international partners, the citizen collective “open democracy”. Implanted in several francophone countries, this focus, support and influence group aims at appropriating the concept and the sharing of global best practices in open government. In the autumn of 2012, he is responsible for assembling the « 13 étonnés », that wants to revive a collective dialogue about the urgency of giving Quebec a digital map.

In April 2013, he created a new NPO, « Institut de Gouvernance Numérique »; with Michel Cartier and Claude Béland as honorary presidents.

Mr. Gauthier guides public and private organizations in elaborating strategies and implementing governance required for maximizing concrete benefits associated with transparency, and the active participation of the concerned parties. at L’Usine-C

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