Franck Nlemba visiting Buea silicon mountain

Silicon Mountain : Our second encounter with the tech hub of Buea in Cameroon

Early in 2016, our team had their first encounter with the lively eco-system of Buea. Suffice to say […]

laurent Elder

ICT and development, the impact of internet in agriculture, healthcare in developing countries

ICT and development, the impact of internet in agriculture, healthcare in developing countries   Transcription Laurent: So I’ll […]

Agritech FARM - Yaounde Cameroun

Technology and Agriculture: An efficient solution for global challenges

On December 26, 2016, I spent 03 weeks in Cameroon – a country in Central Africa – to […]

Kongossa Eco-village

Agriculture and technology working model

On 09 June 2016, we organized a workshop to reflect together on the combination of technology and agriculture. […]

Sucre, vérités et mensonges de Catherine Lefebvre

From Farm to Fork how to use technology to improve our eating habits

Kongossa Technology partnered recently with the Concordia Greenhouse to organise the 4th edition of KOSSI. “Kongossa on Social […]

Jon Gosier at KWS FORUM

How technology is improving people live and the power of the diaspora

Jon Gosier addressed the audience during KWS13 at Concordia University in Montréal. His keynotes emphasized the benefits of technology […]

Shivani Goyal during the KWS Forum

Video : How to use mobile technology to improve social engagement and patient health

During the KWS13 conference Shivani Goyal PHD candidate Healthcare Human Factors explain to the audience the positive impact […]

Mariette Fall

Technology for change : How to use technology to improve governance

Technology, as a tool for positive change – Marietta Fall Marieta Fall talks about a program which is situated within […]

Startup weekend Montréal Weekend : Hacking for Humanity

Sorry this post exists in french only La fin de semaine dernière avait lieu à la Maison Notman, […]

Marieta Fall - Banque mondiale

How mobile technology can be applied to empower citizens: the World bank institute advises Montréal

Across the globe citizens are demanding accountability and transparency from their governments. Access to information and technology through […]