Nancy Neamtan

Social Economy and Technology, an awesone match for the future of Quebec

Social Economy in Quebec by Numbers – 7000 collective companies employ more than 150K people – About 7 […]

Technologie dans l'alimentaire, panel lors du forum KWS

From Farm to fork : how to use technology to improve the way we eat?

During a panel on food industry issues, Kongossa Technology has invited Catherine Lefebvre, Cathrin Rintoul and Jean-François Auchambault […]

Romain Buquet groupe SOS Paris lors de la conference KWS

Social entreprises as a tool to fight poverty and exclusion worldwide

During the last KWS FORUM, we’ve invited Romain Buquet from Groupe SOS to share his opinion on how social enterprises can become […]

Patrick Dube SAT Montreal

Open innovation and Living Lab explained by Patrick Dube

Since 2010, the SAT has been approved and is working on several project of social innovation living lab. […]

Mariette Fall

Technology for change : How to use technology to improve governance

Technology, as a tool for positive change – Marietta Fall Marieta Fall talks about a program which is situated within […]

conférence de Eric Bourget sur la créativité lors du forum KWS

How to increase the impact of our ideas – Creativity

Eric Bourget gives some advice and tricks on how to increase the impact of ideas. During his intervention in […]


(FR) Comment utiliser les outils du web dans un contexte d’innovation sociale

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

What is Kongossa Web Series about?

About KWS Kongossa Web Series (KWS) is a catalyst for change agents. The organisation’s objective is to facilitate […]

How Amelia Showalter helped Obama Campaign to raise over 690 Million dollars online in 2012

 Amelia Showalter will bring the week of Technolgy and Social Innovation event to a close, sharing her Sientific Vision […]

Take-aways from Kiva Conference @KWS Forum October 3rd

Bonus: One-on-one interview with Cynthia McLurry of Kiva]  Kiva, the Micro-Lending Crowdfund Platform: Fighting Poverty One Country At […]

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